Montafon Activity Centre

There’s something for everybody in Vorarlberg’s largest indoor and outdoor sport and leisure centre; no matter what type of activity you prefer.

Montafon Activity Centre

Some people prefer the water, others love football, the race track, the skate park or any of the many other fun activities on offer here - and it's all set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Montafon mountains. So what's your favourite?

The Montafon Activity Centre is all about serious physical exercise, and each individual activity module is designed with this in mind. We believe in sportsmanship, testing reactions, developing team spirit and really experiencing the natural world of the Montafon first hand.

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Active participation

Even entertainment is coupled with direct participation such as, for instance, llama brushing or forest tracking. In the Montafon Activity Centre everyone is challenged, young and old alike, in accordance with ability and inclination. Come rain or shine, whatever the weather. And the buzz you get from active participation stays with you.  It makes you think: yes, that was really my kind of fun!

Montafon Activity Centre


The Montafon Activity Centre is the ideal venue for all kinds of events involving up to 7,000 people - large-scale concerts; activity days or evenings for groups and clubs, and football or ice hockey training camps for professional, amateur or youth teams.