Art and culture

The Bregenz Festival, the Silbertal Festival of Legends, theatre, cabaret and museums.  For visitors interested in art and culture, Vorarlberg offers a plethora of world-class cultural and artistic events.

Silbertal Festival of Legends

The fascinating Festival of Legends in the Silbertal takes place on one of the largest open air stages in Europe, with an area of approx. 20,000 m².

Historical Mine

Since its re-opening in 2010, Bartholomäberg Historical Mine has been the only mine in Vorarlberg which can be visited by the public.

Montafon Folklore Museum

Culturally appreciative visitors can admire countless items of historical interest gathered from all over the valley, painting a colourful picture of the traditional life-style of the Montafon.

Bregenz Festival 2019

For 2019 the Bregenz Festival's operatic performance on the "floating" stage will be Guiseppe Verdi's "Rigoletto"